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The Very Best Beauty Products Worth Investing In This Month

April 17, 2018

Ready to scrub away or gloss over your disdain for the winter months? Us too. And that's why this sunnier weather has us embarking on a light hit of spring-cleaning. Not simply because it feels right to purge our cupboards ready for the new season, but also (well, mainly) because we want to free up space for the raft of new season beauty products ready to enter the rotation of our regimens.

This month I've already spotted so many amazing beauty gems hitting the Byrdie UK beauty cupboard and subsequently my own bathroom shelves. From the most realistic-looking self-tanner to the new Scandi skincare brand you and your Instagram feed are going to adore, these are the kinds of new beauty products you'll want to buy now and love forever.

Below I've lined up the 21 best launches this month, as well as over 120 other beauty buys that have managed to earn the Byrdie seal of approval.

Patchology SmartMud No Mess Mud Masque: Detox £28

These clever sheet masks by new brand Patchology offer all the detoxifying power of volcanic ash in sheet-mask form, so you won't end up with brown smears up the sink like traditional mud masks.

April 17, 2018 by Carina de Lemos
Tags: SmartMud