Collection: PoshPeel™ Pedi Cure

Power Ingredients

Our Activating Essence is an Advanced AHA + BHA Botanical Blend featuring Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic and Citric Acids. These four potent ingredients work together to deeply exfoliate and soften the surface—speeding up cell turnover and encouraging dead skin to slough off. As an added bonus, botanical extracts brighten you up.

PoshPeel Ingredients

Innovative Application

There’s nothing less appealing than a plastic film. We lined our PoshPeel™ treatments with plush fabrics that feel better—and work better, too. They hold the Activating Essence in place for more even results. And each treatment comes pre­measured with the perfect amount of product. Easy does it.

Radical Results

A fresh reveal every day. PoshPeel™ treatments are progressive, meaning they work over 3­-7 days to get rid of dead skin and smooth the surface. Because the treatments penetrate the skin so deeply, your skin looks radiant for even longer.