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31 Genius Beauty Products On Amazon To Use When You're Feeling Extra

December 21, 2017

We all have that moment — you know the one: You’re in the mood for a beauty boost (basic creams just aren't going cut it), and after scanning your bathroom cabinet shelves, you find yourself on Amazon looking for some new beauty products to use when you're feeling extra — after all, it's important to treat yo' self now and again. As you have yourself a cheeky little scroll, the number of items in your checkout cart begins to pile up and before you know it, you basically have a whole new beauty product lineup ready to go. Well, although we totally agree with the whole everything in moderation thing, we also think that there's no harm in indulging your inner diva with a little product purchasing when you’re feeling particularly luscious. And these aren't just any old products — they go above and beyond in the fabulous department.

To ensure that your next Amazon beauty product spree is the best it can possibly be, we’ve made things a little easier for you. Here, you’ll find a roundup of some of the best products that will fill a special space on your shelf — things that are perfect for those at-home spa days, when it’s all about you. From steamy eye masks (yes, we said steamy!) to a luxe scalp massager and even something called Unicorn Fairy Bath Dust, there's an outrageously over-the-top — but still affordable — beauty product for everyone, below.

Patchology Flashpatch Lip Gels, $15 (5 Pack), Amazon

Give your lips the gift of hydration with these sumptuous gel masks. The serum is made of powerful ingredients like peptides which soften, green tea extract which provides antioxidants, and niacinamide which helps skin retain water. If you're feeling particularly extra before heading out, slap one of these bad boys on to make lipstick application even smoother.

December 21, 2017 by B2B Development Network Collaborator