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FlashPatch® Restoring Night Eye Gels

FlashPatch® Restoring Night Eye Gels

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Did you know the hours between 10 pm and 12 am are the best times to repair skin? Put fine lines to bed with a powerful nightly dose of anti-aging Retinol and Peptides. These hydrogels work in 5 minutes to restore a brighter, youthful appearance to overworked, under-rested eyes.

FlashPatch® Restoring Night Eye Gels feature our highly advanced HydraSurge5™ Moisture System. Patch technology accelerates the delivery of essential ingredients like peptides, retinol, and arnica extract to your skin. And the Hydrogels stay put—so you get these ingredients where you need them most.

Key Ingredients

Helps speed cell healthy turnover 

Peptide Complexes: 
Reduce fine lines and crow's feet

Naturally hydrates, softens, and protects from free radicals

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Helped when I needed them to

Pretty good quick fix, but they were a bit hard to keep in place.

Too Expensive!

These are great! They help with small limes and wrinkles, but so do other brands like Pacino. They're not miracle workers like portrayed either. It's just putting moisture and vitamins back into the eye area. $60 for a jar is ridiculous. If I ever purchase again, they will have to be on sale. Took one star off bc of th cost.

Amazon Customer
How often to use it to see a difference

I used it to take the puffy & circles from under the eyes.

~Laura A.
Easy to use, plump under eye area, stock up when they're on sale

As far as under eye patches go, these are cost effective and provide noticeable plumping when left on for 30 minutes + (my opinion). I don't really notice a difference with the five minute application as the instructions and product info claim, nor do I see any kind of measurable, long lasting results after about six month, though it's reasonable to assume that regular use over a significant period of time may mitigate the signs of aging (we're aging as we use them, so to expect any kind of reversal in the signs of aging with an OTC product doesn't seem very rational to me, but hey, it may to to others). I have purchased several different kinds of Patchology's under eye patches, and what I like about their product over others is that there's a bit of a bonus with the Patchology eye patches: there's always a generous portion of serum included in the packaging to treat your entire face, neck, decolletage, the backs of your hands, and an additional generous swipe under each eye. I like to keep them in my refrigerator for extra de-puffing power, and apply them right before bed and leave them on for as long as they stay put or dry out. You'll want to make certain that your PM serums are fully absorbed and that you don't have any slickness to your skin when using these, as moisturizers, creams, products, etc., will cause these to go sliding down your face immediately. I find that by lying down and keeping them in place for about 10 +/- minutes, enough product absorbs (and they dry out enough) that they then stay in place pretty nicely.I do wish they were a tiny bit thicker as it's really easy to tear them when gently separating for use, so be careful with that, and the shape is the tiniest bit of odd - putting the tail into the inside corner of the eye seems to provide the best coverage (IMO), but all of the product images show them with the tail at the outside corner. This leaves the tiny little creases underneath the lower lashes completely naked, so I guess that extra serum helps insure you have a way of reaching that with product if you want to.I do find these to be better than the 24K gold patches that are so popular at a ridiculously low price - I mean, we all know there's no measurable therapeutic level of gold in those, right? Give me reasonable ingredients that actually make sense in my quest for great skin care and targeted anti-aging - I'd be fine splurging on a gold eye patch if any manufacturer ever disclosed how much was considered therapeutic *AND* how much their patches actually contain.My only concern with all of these patches - regardless of the manufacturer - is that they all appear to be produced over seas, which does make me question the source(s) and integrity of the ingredients. I'm on a continual quest for a high quality eye patch that's made in the US, as I'd definitely be comfortable paying a premium for a product that's sourced and made right here in the US.

Guadalupe Iglesias
Que se te quedan toda noche

Te humectan muy bien